The past few decades have been witness to rapid globalization, liberalization and deregulation. These, coupled with radical innovations and improvements in communication networks and information technology, have fundamentally altered the business landscape.

Put simply, these have meant a shrinking marketplace and an environment where the needs of the customer are changing rapidly.

So much so that organizations today need advisors capable of offering the entire spectrum of innovative and cost-effective solutions to partner enterprise growth in a highly-competitive environment.

ISSME, with its strong resource pool of professional and experienced experts, is perfectly placed to meet these requirements for the sustainable growth of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

ISSME does this by facilitating technology transfer and trade promotion; organizing international and regional conferences, workshops, seminars, exhibitions and trade fairs; disseminating information on policies, strategies and support systems for promotion of SMEs in member countries; research studies and consultancy assignments on policy implications and various other aspects of small businesses.

We also provide management consultancy at a management cost or consultancy fee, however, only cost as per actual will be charged to our members and international partners. All our services will be provided in most effective, efficient and scientific manner.

“Explore a whole new world of unlimited opportunities. Combine that with a touch of the cutting-edge and get set to take on the world. Committed to enhancing the state of MSMEs”