It is a well-known fact that news and media are important tools of public outreach from time immemorial. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) operate in an environment where knowledge and information play a critical role. It has been proven over the years that the enterprises that are vigilant and have information and knowledge about market trends and business environment are more efficient in doing business successfully as well as they have greater survival rate in contrast to those who lack them. We, thus, believe that growth of SMEs and news media go hand in hand. Because of number of initiatives and wide ranging activities targeted at promoting SMEs across all continents, it is quite obvious for ISSME to have become a source of news, to be in news across different media and to keep track of other developments in the SME sector world over.

Keeping in mind the positive influence that information through news media could have on SMEs, this section chiefly attempts to keep you updated about the latest happenings in the SME sector as well as ISSME’s works and activities in strengthening the SMEs and their support institutions. This section also lets you know about ISSME’s viewpoints on core issues pertaining to SME development and various aspects of small business operations.

“With rapid advancements in information and communication technologies, the importance of news media has increased manifold for their role in helping small businesses in many ways. The twenty first century appreciates news & media as important business tools and the positive changes that they have brought in the hitherto traditional ways of doing business.”
  • Press Briefings ISSME often expresses its views and opinions before different media on a wide range of topics concerning the state of the SMEs and the ISSME's regulatory agenda. The office bearers, senior officials and public relation officer of ISSME make statements before the journalists as well as answer their questions explaining ISSME's views and role. ISSME also makes important announcements and findings before the Press for better dissemination of its works and services.
  • Press Releases Immediately after accomplishment of its activities and for making announcements of any initiative or future work programme, ISSME issues Press releases, which act as credible means of informing SME world about ISSME's activities and growth. They serve as a window to take a peek into our journey towards emerging as one of the leading global organisations working for SMEs. Our Press Release Section is a repository of various events and happenings within ISSME. This section helps analyzing the growth and development of ISSME easily.
  • Media Centre Awareness is the key and a must for ISSME's programmes to be a success. To enhance wide and effective propagation of our efforts and works, we work with media in print, electronic and web.This not only ensuresworldwide visibility of our initiatives but also helps our targeted audiences in immensely benefiting from it. We act as a catalyst for the growth of the SME sector by providing inputs which are critical to the needs of small businesses that includes information on issues and opportunities related to the sector.
  • Support Our Work Our objective is to bring together various stakeholders of SMEs worldwide together at a single platform to exchange knowledge, information, experience and ideas. ISSME envisages to enhance the state of SMEs worldwide to effectively address the twin problems of unemployment and poverty as well as bringing economic, social and environment harmony. All our works are culmination of many days of painstaking efforts of our team and financial resources. To continue and expand our relentless service to the SME world, we need your benign support.