The membership of ISSME gives immense benefits to the members by making part of a truly global body with vast resources and a big network comprising SME leaders from different countries. It is an ideal platform where each of our members share its knowledge and experience with others. So the biggest benefit of being ISSME’s member is getting access to un-to-date knowledge and information and latest happenings in the SME world. Since SMEs and their support institutions from around the world are part of our fraternity, ISSME’s global platform provides ample opportunities for SMEs to establish effective business linkages with like-minded institutions in any part of the world, which helps in their business diversification. We have Affiliates in different countries to help SMEs by taking up policy issues with the concerned authorities in your country.

Being global in pursuing its objectives, it is obvious that ISSME is endowed with a large pool of experts and practitioners who have years’ of experience and proven track record in guiding SMEs in overcoming the challenges that inhibit their growth. We associate and closely work with UN agencies and other well-known international institutions to take global initiatives and foster international movement in furthering sustainable development of SMEs in each region and country of the world. Recognizing skill as a key determinant of competitiveness of SMEs, ISSME renders relevant and specific training programmes to its members. In nutshell, ISSME membership is a comprehensive package of all support services that are highly useful for its members.

“In a knowledge economy, SMEs need a wide range of support services to withstand market pressures due to intense competition and grow sustainably. Keeping in mind such a competitive scenario, ISSME has designed its service menu that could help evolve the SME sector worldwide. It is, thus, worthwhile to take ISSME membership to get served efficiently, effortlessly and economically.”
  • Benefits A member could get benefits in number of ways. Some of the benefits include accessing information on market, trade opportunities, technologies, policies &programmes, trends, studies & reports, etc.; networking & business matchmaking; consulting with experts; technology transfer; skill development, etc.
  • Members ISSME has a broad spectrum of membership and it has members in different countries of the world. The member constituents include ministries and government departments engaged in SME development, industry associations & chambers of commerce, SME support institutions, academic & technical institutions, corporates and SMEs.
  • Member Highlight ISSME gives a prominent place to its member institutions to showcase them to the world. This is intended to enhance the global visibility for our members and their works & achievements.
  • Members Placement Cell ISSME gives a new facility to its member institutions by creating a placement cell for them. Now, any of its member institutions can upload their manpower requirements at this section and could get access to potential candidates, either domestically or internationally according to the nature of job.