Publications are an important form of information dissemination, which is one of the major objectives of ISSME. In order to preserve the previous, on-going and future works in the field of SMEs world over and disseminate them to SMEs and their stakeholders, ISSME brings out various publications. The Section works as a repository of SME-related publications in all forms.

Besides bringing out publications based on its own works and research findings, ISSME also keeps track of publications of other institutions and list out the important publications making it easier for readers to find all relevant stuff at one place. It would not be exaggerating to say that the section is a mini world of publications that are of interest and importance to SMEs.

“Publications are most effective and useful tool to let the world know about the vision and works of our Organization.”
  • Flagship Publications These are the core publications of the organizations that include the fortnightly electronic publication “Global SME Watch”, the monthly magazine “SME VOICE” and the quarterly journal “IJSME”. All these three publications that feature latest news pertaining to the SME world are brought out chiefly to facilitate growth of SMEs with up-do-date knowledge & information, market insights and opportunities for their businesses.
  • Media Outreach Media outreach is the fundamental aspect of public relation, marketing and management campaign. ISSME uses different channels and platforms with proper planning for better media outreach that is important for reaching out to even the smallest of the small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Due to our strong media outreach efforts, we are able to reach millions of SMEs where we don’t have physical presence.
  • Subscriptions Subscription is open to all individuals and organizations. Subscription to our publication have multiple benefits such as keeping abreast with current developments, schemes and programmes for SME promotion, new and innovative technologies, best practices, trade opportunities and solution to your queries.
  • Advertise with Us Advertising is important for brand image promotion and showcasing the products and services of an enterprise. Effective advertising at appropriate platforms could bring fruitful results in generating business leads. As ISSME publications widely circulated among SMEs and stakeholders worldwide, they are the best conduits for advertising.