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Being an International Organization representing such a vibrant sector of economy, ISSME has been putting in its considered efforts towards promoting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) world over. It strives to make its presence in each part of the world and maintain its true international character by undertaking various activities such as: advocating the need for establishing appropriate policies and programmes for the growth and development of SMEs at different forums; training, research and consultancy to building capacities of SME-support institutions; exchange of experiences and best practices in the development of SMEs through Conferences and Seminars; partnership programmes between and among concerned organisations; placement of consultants for developing specific programmes; providing opportunities to member-institutions for business networking; and disseminating trade and technology related information.

ISSME’s programmes are designed and organized to influence policy makers and stakeholders responsible for SME development with the intention to create a conducive and growth enabling business environment for SMEs to thrive. In policy context, our priority is to create a level playing field through a holistic policy framework for smooth functioning of SMEs so that they could grow sustainably, resolve the burgeoning problems of unemployment and poverty and contribute substantially to the economy that collectively leading to creation of a just and peaceful world. It also tries to change the mindset of SMEs to positively perceive the change and challenges they come across with and make them vigilant to ever changing market scenario. At SME level, we would like to empower them by upgrading their skills & capabilities, providing them technical know-how and updating them with latest happenings in the SME world so that they could exploit the available opportunities and also convert the challenges into opportunities. And, from environment and social aspect, ISSME strives to make its impact by propelling green and responsible business practice among SMEs so that industrial growth takes place along with environmental and social wellbeing.

In its pursuit to make real global impact of its efforts on SME development, ISSME has been teaming up with UN agencies and other important institutions to foster international cooperation, appointing affiliates in different countries who help ISSME in conducting its activities, establishing regional offices to effectively integrate into the region, creating a pool of SME experts and practitioners to provide business development services and creating a knowledge bank and database on status of SMEs in each country.

“ISSME is of the conviction that economy of a nation gets boosted with prospering SME sector. Countries that had given their SMEs due importance long back, have already witnessed steady growth and become leading economies of the world. ISSME has been playing an instrumental role in buttressing the capacities and capabilities of SMEs to make them successful business ventures and to help strengthening nations.”
  • International Cooperation In furtherance of its objective of fostering international cooperation, ISSME has been working in tandem with national, regional and international SME organizations and stakeholders to synergize the efforts made towards the wellbeing of SMEs worldwide.
  • Affiliates They are the SME experts and practitioners who are concerned about SMEs and have a passion for helping them in effortlessly doing their business. They provide their unstinted support to ISSME in developing SME development strategy plan and help in representing ISSME and undertaking its activities in their respective countries or regions.
  • Consortium of SME Experts A pool of renowned experts in various fields pertaining to SME management has been created to render consultancy services to SMEs on their specific demands. It is a privilege to be part of this consortium and a great opportunity to serve globally.
  • SMEs Fact Sheet SMEs are operating in a knowledge economy which necessitates it to have adequate knowledge and knowhow to remain competitive. This is the dedicated section that features overview and status of SMEs in all the countries of the world that has made it a one-stop knowledge bank.