The International Society for Small and Medium Enterprises (ISSME) – headquartered at New Delhi, India – is a non-government, not-for-profit, leading global industry organization for micro and Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs). ISSME has been espousing the cause and development of SMEs world over since its inception in 2010. Since SMEs are considered as the backbone of any economy and they have high potential to mitigate poverty and unemployment, ISSME is always concerned for their sustainable growth as this could make our world a much better place. ISSME is committed to improving the state of SMEs.

ISSME is always on the lookout for avenues for enterprises and entrepreneurs so as to enable people participate in the market process. It works with its members, affiliates and partners across the world for the promotion and development of SMEs. It enjoys special consultative/ observer status with concerned agencies in United Nation (UN) system. It also cooperates actively with several intergovernmental and international organizations.

ISSME brings together policy makers, facilitators, experts, researchers, trainers and small business entrepreneurs from around the world. They use this platform to share their experience, knowledge and expertise in their respective fields.

ISSME’s creation was driven by the strong desire to develop a global association of small businesses and their supporting institutions for the sustainable and inclusive growth of SMEs. It tries to achieve this objective through exchange of knowledge and networking opportunities.

ISSME builds synergies between the activities of SMEs across the world and the enabling framework and programmes of governments and Non-Government Organisations working for the promotion of the sector.

“Explore a whole new world of unlimited opportunities. Combine that with a touch of the cutting-edge and get set to take on the world. Take advantage of ISSME’s worldwide network. Stay tuned with us for latest developments in the SME world.”
  • Organisation ISSME is a leading global organisation engaged in promotion of SMEs. In a short period since it came into existence in 2010, ISSME is now known as one of the leading international organizations working for SMEs.
  • Mission & Objectives ISSME's mission is to help create an enabling environment either directly or indirectly for sustainable development of SMEs worldwide. The main objective of ISSME is to foster international cooperation and put in place a framework for sustained growth of SMEs.
  • Origins and History Recognising the need of an effective international organization for SMEs, ISSME was established to render meaningful services to the SMEs sector across the globe in true sense. ISSME does not have a very long history as it was established in 2010. It has witnessed various challenges in keeping up the momentum while
  • How ISSME Works ISSME has members and affiliates in different countries, who work closely with ISSME Secretariat on various activities planned for SME development. It also closely works with concerned UN agencies and international as well as leading national organizations on areas of mutual interest.
  • Governance While Governing Body is the policy making body that looks after the affairs of the Society, Council is the apex body of ISSME that elects the Governing Board in every two years. President serves as the head of both the Council and Governing Board. The Secretariat,
  • Work with ISSME If you have desire to learn, flair for creativity and attitude to work as a team player, ISSME is the place for you. The multi-dimensional work culture of ISSME would keep you out of boredom and give you the right kind of job satisfaction.