International Cooperation

In furtherance of its objective of fostering international cooperation, ISSME has been working in tandem with national, regional and international SME organizations and all concerned stakeholders to synergize the efforts made towards the wellbeing of SMEs world over.

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In Discussion

Corrective measures to address an issue are only possible with proper diagnosis and in-depth analysis of the issue. We appreciate the power of getting engaged in a discussion with all concerned to fine-tune our services and delivery mechanism.


It is not just about membership as usual, but a great privilege and rewarding experience to becoming part of an ever increasing global fraternity and enjoying the worldwide network. Become part of this global organization and get empowered.

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Secretary General
Sunil D Sharma is the Secretary General of the Internation Society for Small and Medium Enterprises (ISSME)
SMEs Country Factsheet

SMEs, their support institutions and stakeholders often look for overview of SMEs in different countries. We at ISSME feel the importance of this and created a dedicated section featuring overview and status of SMEs in different countries of the world.

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